The mundolecu learning method

The method mundolecu is communicative and cultural. Our teachers are the perfect guide for you to learn German immerse in an active and easy way.

With mundolecu´s German-course methodology:

  •    You will study in reduced groups (max. 7 students).
  •    You will have classes with a lot of speaking.
  •    You will learn the language and culture in a relaxed, friendly and active atmosphere.
  •    You will learn grammar and vocabulary in a natural way.
  •    You will develop fluency and creativity towards the language.
  •    You will be able to reinforce reading, listening, grammar and vocabulary in our on-line portal.
  •    You will have highly qualified and dynamic teachers.
  •    You will get proven results through the following certifications: TELC, Goethe & ÖSD.
  •    You will use our own material in class.
  •    You will learn German through a cultural journey.

You can also receive, after request:

  •    Extra material exclusively developed for students who are non-native German speakers.
  •    Free counseling in case you need help with a difficult topic.

The success of our German courses is the perfect combination of three important elements:

You, your motivation, devotion and effort are the main elements to achieve your goals.

Our teachers, their professionalism and passion with which they transmit their language makes the difference.

Mundolecu´s methodology, created for you to learn easily and quickly.

Teachers at mundolecu make the difference:

  •    Full command of the language.
  •    They have a systematic and cognitive knowledge of the language.
  •    They know how to teach and how to transmit their knowledge.
  •    Motivating attitude in every class.
  •    Help students develop strategies to ease their learning.
  •    They prepare each one of their classes.
  •    They can resolve doubts in different languages.
  •    Receive capacitation constantly.
  •    They have lived abroad.

Learning German in Germany is easier than what you have been told, come and prove it yourself!

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