About us

What does mundolecu mean?

mundolecu is an abbreviation from “El mundo de las lenguas y culturas” (the world of languages and cultures) mundolecu is a language school, a cultural space and an educative method.

What is the world of languages and cultures?

It’s an educative project which has three main objectives: language teaching, the diffusion of culture and to implement the 7 arts through language teaching: architecture, sculpture, painting, literature, music, performing and film.

Why studying with us?

We are an innovating educative project in the field of language teaching since we are truly convinced that language learning through a cultural journey is more interesting, easy, fun and enriching. We use alternative ways to achieve our students’ goals and have them learn in a more meaningful way.

You and your motivation to learn a new language are the most important for us. Our teachers will offer you all the tools you need to facilitate your learning and achieve your goals of learning and communicating in another language.

Who is part of the team?

We are an interdisciplinary and multicultural team formed by language teachers, certified translators, official exams appliers, philologists, linguists, cultural moderators, touristic guides and bilingual designers with wide experience.

The mundolecu team is characterized by its professionalism, passion and devotion that we  apply in every class, presentation, translation and cultural event.

What are the advantages of studying at mundolecu?

By enrolling in one of our courses you are part of the project, you will receive your material, access to the on-line portal, free entrance to the Cineclub, Tandem-partner postal and you can also participate in all the cultural activities held.

Would you like to get to know us?

Come and live the experience of learning a language in a whole different way. We offer you a free sample class and the chance to learn more about us.

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